U-Store-It lends a helping hand to a family in need

You may have recently heard of the tragic story in Adelaide last weekend where a young family’s home was destroyed by fire.

Danny and Tanya came home to find their house on fire and a fire brigade team attempting to extinguish the flames.

Despite the fire department’s best efforts in which a dog inside was saved, they have been unable to salvage any personal items or belongings due to their effects being destroyed or affected by smoke.

Danny and Tanya literally have nothing but the clothes on their back. Even items like the pram, which they used for Evie, their 2 year old were destroyed in the fire. The house was insured, however only worth 1/3 of the damage will be covered, which needs to be forwarded straight to the bank who will decide if they can borrow more to re-build.

Tanya is currently pregnant with her second child which further demonstrates the terrible timing of this tragedy.

Upon hearing of this tragic experience, the team at U-Store-It, were only too happy to offer a helping hand to a family in need. Managing director, Andrew Eastwood was eager to provide free storage at Keswick for 12 months and free relocation of Danny and Tanya’s goods to their next property

Listen to Andrew’s kind gesture on Mix 102.3

Moving forward, a number of businesses and individuals will be donating items to the couple and the least U-Store-It could do is allow Danny and Tanya to be able to store these items safely.

U-Store-It have also offered businesses in Adelaide the opportunity to drop their new donations off to our storage facilities in Adelaide. From there we will get it relocated to Keswick.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to donate to this worthy cause.

UPDATE: Danny and Tanya recently welcomed the newest member of their family and have graciously accepted U-Store-It’s offer of 12 months of FREE storage. We look forward to helping Danny and Tanya get back on their feet after this disastrous set of circumstances.